16-segments display

16-segment billboard A 16-segment alpha-numeric wool display. Made of 16 pixel chips, an sram and a receiver. This was built by @nala and @eisental.

Send an 8-bit ascii code over the receiver channel in order to set the display. All displayable ascii characters (33-126) are programmed into the sram memory. You should probably change the receiver channel to something more original than “16segs”.

download .schematic

Here’s a simple circuit for sending character strings from a terminal chip. Paste any number of 16-seg letters and set all of them to use the same receiver channel. Each letter takes up 8 channel bits so each letter’s channel start bit should be greater by 8 than the letter before it. That is, if your channel name is “16segs”, 1st letter should receive on 16segs:0, the next should receive on 16segs:8, 16segs:16, 16segs:24, 16segs:32 etc. To send a message, point at the typing block and enter /rctype message.

If you need more than 16 letters add select inputs to the transmitter, and outputs to the counter.

type circuit

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