Plays different note pitches on any number of note blocks connected to one of the chips interface blocks. The current pitch is set according to the state of its data pins. Any number of note blocks can be attached to each interface block.

There are two ways to use this circuit.

If all you want is to switch between two different pitches you can use the circuit with 1 input pin without a clock pin. In this mode every change of the data pin will trigger the note blocks.

To build a the chip as a wireless receiver add a channel argument using the syntax #name[:startbit] The channel argument must be the last. In this mode synth requires no inputs or outputs. The play a note send either the note index or the note pitch value over the wireless channel.

source code


I/O setup

Sign text

  1. synth
  2. [note] ... [note]
  3. [#channel] (optional)

Version history: Added to BasicCircuits 0.6

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